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The Pleasure Cruise

15d02396eccruise The Pleasure Cruise

Ahoy, maties! Pleasure Cruise – “A tale that will chill your bowels and thrill your ballywacker!”- features Captain Rob, a man with his own floating bachelor pad. His “crew” are a pair of throb-worthy sex sirens who cater to his every sexual whim. They pick up a shipwrecked beauty and deal with two pistol-packing cons who paddle up in a cheesy rubber raft (which sinks causing the actors to break out laughing). The skipper tells them, “Guys, there’s plenty of beer in the fridge and hot broads on the top deck.” They sample the shipboard snatch. The girls wear out the cons with wall-to-wall sex. The criminals jump overboard: “We’re turning ourselves in!”


Year: 1973

Director: Don Lang

Andrea True

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