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Inside Pussycat

088fb8e37cssycat Inside Pussycat

Fear not. filth fans. Inside Pussycat more than picks up the slack. Conducting an experiment on “classic schizophrenia” for his doctorial thesis, a swinging hepcat drops some medicine on a handful of repressed college chicks, leading to squeals of pleasure. Later on, the shocked coeds watch themselves in action on the film. (“Wow! Is that really me? That’s disgusting!”). Inside Pussycat is a keeper. It’s shot, edited and directed eons better than most Golden Age flesh feasts. Better yet, the cast of shapely party dolls contain some potent eye candy (including gorgeous LILLY FOSTER, of Liz Mama’s Little Girl and Orita De Chadwick of Shool for D Girls). Unlike the usual human debris that haunt these early 70s skinfests. there are no pimples, needle marks, surgical scars, protruding nose hairs or diaper rash on view. Just a pulsating palace of pubic hair so soft and fluffy you’ll want to reach into the TV and run your fingers through it.


Year: 1977

Director: Cooper Brothers

Becky Sharpe

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