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My Tale Is Hot

008d20384eis hot My Tale Is Hot

Lucifer is unhappy: too few new souls in Hell. So, he bets his wife Saturna that he can get the world’s most faithful husband, according to “Ladies’ House Companion” magazine, to forsake that faithfulness. Lucifer visits the husband, Ben-Her Ova, and his doting wife, Miassis. At first, none of Lucifer’s ploys work: a backyard swimming pool with one bathing beauty, the same pool with two bathing beauties, a peek at the new maid. Then, Lucifer meets Ben on a night on the town: will barmaids, a burlesque show, a hotel room, a Turkish bath, and a special commercial during Ben’s favorite TV show (Walt Disney) finally turn Ben’s head? What’s the legend of his will power?

Lenght: 00:59:58

Year: 1964

Director: Peter Perry Jr.

Candy Barr

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