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Nudie Cuties 50

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16 COLOR loops from the 1960s! Who better than DAVE STEVENS – the man who rediscovered Bettie Page, the cartoonist who fueled “The Rocketeer,” the modern master of pin-up art – to hand-pick the creamiest crop of bountiful babes from the SWV archives for this Special Edition volume of Nudies Cuties! Every loop is in COLOR, as we meet a stunning, well rounded brunette in red bikini lingerie, hair piled high as she plays with hats and feathered boas; a fabulous blonde with a bouffant hairdo; and a raven-haired doe-eyed doll in seamed fishnet pantyhose. Then a sulky, pretty brunette sheds her silver mini-dress like a foil wrapper to do a pert-breasted, bottomless bed-bounce, while a sultry brunette removes a purple nightie to point perky breasts; soon, a bountiful blonde with lotsa eye makeup shows off sensually in sheer red and black. The creamy blonde with shoulder-length locks and apple-cheek, baby doll features is both wholesome and glamorous as she pickily tries on shoes. There’s a mild catfight between the stacked beehive redhead and knockout blonde; and the sparkling-eyed blonde, whose cupcakes peek out from under a red oriental pajama top, does a tasty topless twist. Another highlight – the bubbly beehive brunette in fringed red lingerie!

Lenght: 01:59:05

Year: 1968

Director: Dave Stevens

Starring: N/A

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