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Girl Watchers

4db43be2a6tchers Girl Watchers

Girl Watchers is like a pornographic guessing game. What do the following have in common? 1.) Two guys at a picnic have a girl sandwich. 2.) A housewife watching a soap opera called No-Tell Motel masturbates with a squash. 3.) A couple wake up late in a motel. The guy turns to the woman and says, “Let’s fuck till the world explodes!” And 4.) A hardhat drills into a female passerby on a job site. Give up? Hey, they’ve got nothing in common, other than being slimy little porn scenes in one big overall slimy porn flick. And what the hell’s wrong with that?

Lenght: 00:51:03

Year: 1975

Director: N/A

Penny King   
Tina Smith   
Tricia Opal   

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